About Driven Boutique & the Driven Woman who created it...

My very first job was at a Patty's Closet Franchise location in Vegas. I had just entered my senior year of high school and I felt ready to get into the working world and start taking on more responsibilities. I loved the Franchise Owners I worked for and the people I was surrounded with, we were big on customer service and also always staying busy in the store. Only a couple months in I really felt myself falling in love with the whole concept of a Patty's Closet and owning my own business just like it.

A year passed and I got the amazing opportunity to work closely with the creators of Patty's Closet themselves! I went from working in one location to a couple others throughout the whole week! I loved seeing the business side of things but also learning about the fashion side. What really made me love my job was the customers. I love getting to know my customers and their style of course, but I just love being able to create a great relationship with each one. I was only taught to go above and beyond for our customers which ended up paying off eventually.

I started working my way up to Key holder then Assistant Manager, and finally Manager. It was such a crazy ride working my way up there and constantly trying to learn as much as I could every day I was working. After high school I attended one full semester at UNLV majoring in Business. The next semester.. one day I was sitting there on my break between classes and just had an epiphany. I literally was sitting there starting to ask myself "What am I doing here? Where do I see myself in the next couple years? What do I want to do? Is this time in college going to get me there? How will I get there?". I also remember sitting there thinking that I did not want to be another one of those people who spend all this time and money in college and eventually graduate only to hang up a piece of paper in their house, and not use their degree to its fullest. And don't get me wrong, school is amazing and everyone should go, but for some of us, college just isn't for us. We want real life, hands on, mistake making, lessons. And I realized that was the best way for me to learn. 

So I went to my parents about what I was thinking and also Patty and Juan for their advice. And basically my journey really started from there. I withdrew from college, became full time at Patty's Closet, and gained 2 mentors Patty and Juan! Because of that I was so blessed with numerous opportunities during my time with Patty's Closet. I became our very first Regional Manager at 18 years old! I left home and moved to Hawaii to train and manage our stores over there. Crazy right?! What 18 year old ever envisions themselves moving out and going away from everything they know to living on their own and managing not one but TWO stores for a whole year?! Patty and Juan (creators of Patty's Closet) believed in me so much they gave me  this opportunity of a lifetime. 

A year later of growing up, facing the most difficult challenges, managing two stores, and working sometimes 2 weeks straight to come home for a couple days only to go back to the grind, I came home to Vegas. Now fast forward to months later of still working crazy hours every week, and continuing to invest basically every thing I made and with the help of my amazing dad ...I franchised a Patty's Closet in Las Vegas! It was literally my dream come true at 20 years old!

Now 6 months later of having my franchise, I was blessed with yet another incredible opportunity of a lifetime..Patty and Juan gave me the choice of going on my own and having my very own store..no longer being a franchise of Patty's Closet. How insane is that?! No one ever gets opportunities like this. No one! So when an opportunity presents itself again, I have to take it.


And so Driven Boutique was born!!!!


So why "Driven" boutique? The definition of driven is to "propel or carry along by force in a specified direction". And that's exactly what I did. I HAD to stay driven and keep driving toward the bigger picture at all times on my journey. I had to drive through the sacrifices, the tears, the frustration, the stress, the lonely days/months of being in a new state and surrounded by new people, the hungry days when I was so broke from investing everything I made, the doubters who said I wouldn't be able to make it..I had to stay driven through it all. And still to this day, every single day I need to stay driven to continue to make my business a success. 

So that is my crazy journey leading to where I am now.

I hope all of you love the merchandise, I will be updating weekly with the new arrivals coming in. Thank you thank you thank you for checking out my page and reading my story! 

We should all stay DRIVEN together!



Danielle Peralta

Owner of Driven Boutique









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